2013 Keynote Speakers

Kathleen McCartney Hearst and Julie Moss
Competitors to Collaborators

Hearst and Moss

Kathleen (left), Julie (right)

Kathleen McCartney Hearst and Julie Moss put the sport of triathlon on the map with their historic 1982 Hawaiian Ironman race.  Their story starts in 1982 and ends last year with their return to the race 30 years later. Their journey is one of self discovery; it is a collaboration of Empowerment, Change, Strength, and “Anything is Possible” at any age.  Click here for the recorded video of Keynotes presentation.

Key Note

Julie (left), Kathleen (right)

Kathleen McCartney Hearst is an Ironman Legend Award recipient. She has competed in nine Ironman World Championships and she won in 1982. Kathleen and Julie Moss are “accredited with helping to put the sport of triathlon on the map with their historic 1982 Hawaiian Ironman race.”  The Ironman motto is Anything is Possible.  After a life-changing divorce, Kathleen called on the Ironman to change her life once again.  She returned to compete in the 2012 Ironman Championships, 30 years after she won back in 1982. Along the way, she convinced Julie to return to the sport as well to train and compete alongside her.  Today, “the former rivals have transformed from competitors to collaborators, and friends.” Click here for bio.

Julie Moss is an Ironman Hall of Fame Triathlete and is credited with “putting the Ironman on the map.”  In 1982, Julie was a Cal Poly student as part of her senior thesis in kinesiology included finishing the Ironman.  Surprisingly, Julie led the women’s race until the last 20 feet when she collapsed.  Refusing to surrender, she crawled the last feet to the finish line. As she was crawling, Kathleen McCartney Heart ran by to capture the win. Julie crawled to second. Click here for bio.


One Response to 2013 Keynote Speakers

  1. It is absolutely fabulous to read about Kathleen and Julie sharing their inspirational stories – I have been fortunate to race against them both and wish both them and the course participants all good speed in taking motivation from the power of a decision to make changes and the conviction that anything is possible!
    I was in San Diego for the first time to visit UCSD in 2005 and again last year at the inaugural ITU World Triathlon Series race, and can see how wonderfully both combine academic life and sport.
    Mens sana in corpore sana!

    Sarah Springman, ITU Vice President and Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, ETH Zurich

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