Dr. Olivia Graeve


Dr. Olivia Graeve is a Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor with UCSD.  “Her research expertise connects fundamental principles of materials processing with specific engineering needs, with special emphasis on electromagnetic multifunctional materials for sensors and energy applications.”

Dr. Graeve has received several prestigious awards including the National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2007, the American Ceramic Society’s 2010 Karl Schwartzwalder Professional Achievement in Ceramic Engineering Award, the 2006 Hispanic Educator of the Year award by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 2011 “Jaime Oaxaca” Award (the highest honor given by the Society) for her outstanding work towards the recruitment and retention of Hispanics into graduate programs and the professoriate.  Dr. Graeve has gained international recognition in the area of nanomaterials manufacturing.

Her work is supported by grants from the NSF, DOD, DOE, NASA, and a variety of industrial partners.

For more information on her research, please see her faculty page.


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