Christine Stevens: Upbeat Drum Circles

Christine StevensStevens, MSW, MT-BC, MA holds Masters degrees in both Social Work and Music Therapy. She is author of Music Medicine, The Healing Drum Kit and The Art and Heart of Drum Circles. She is the founder of UpBeat Drum Circles as well as she has appeared on NBC, PBS, KTLA, and is a featured speaker in the DVD Discover the Gift.  She has trained facilitators from more than twenty-five countries in the evidence-based REMO group drumming HealthRHYTHMS program. Moreover, Christine has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, survivors of Katrina, students at Ground Zero and most recently, led the first drum circle training in a war-zone in northern Iraq.

To contact Christine, you can reach her by email ( or telephone (310-770-3398).  For more information, please visit her website.

More Information about Christine Stevens
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One Response to Christine Stevens: Upbeat Drum Circles

  1. I am interested in learning more about your drumming circles and whether or not you provide lessons for beginners without prior drumming experience. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care,

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