Fay McGrew, MA, QTP

Ancient Secrets foqERT5rsQGbM7puDoR_piLhTd7D7ins1I69M-wQeZfChUHvBRBfxAf5QGcSKc6JYylA=w1220-h426r the Modern Woman: Yin Qigong

Learn from the wisdom of women healing masters with Yin Qigong, a mind body practice designed for the unique nature of a woman’s physical and energetic body. Benefit from heart meditation for the feminine psyche, gentle flowing dance like-movement, freeing Yin energetic channels and special self-massage. From centuries ago, these practices address the health concerns of the modern woman regarding heart, breast, gynecological disorders, as well as depression. Qigong is an ancient longevity practice from China and today is an evidence based branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) most commonly known as acupuncture. All are welcome, you may stand or sit in a chair during the session.

About the Speaker:

With over 44 years of mind body practice, Fay began teaching Qigong at UCSD 12 years ago at the School of Medicine and is now an instructor at UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine developing a teachers training program. Fay received her teachers training from healing masters while studying in China. She specializes in integrative medicine and women’s
health, and is the only certified women’s qigong teacher in Southern California. In addition to her Hidden Pine Qigong Studio in Carlsbad, she introduced and teaches Qigong at San Diego Cancer Research Institute, Naval Medical Center San Diego in their Mind Body Medicine program, and is on staff at Naval Medical Hospital Camp Pendleton Holistic Health Department teaching Qigong to active duty Marines in treatment for PTSD and other combat-related disorders, including Women’s Qigong for treatment in sexual trauma. Fay began her Mind Body training in 1970, combining meditation, yoga, and martial arts. In 1975 she became the first Women’s World Karate Champion and used the prize money to go to graduate school.


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