Movie Screening: Miss Representation Moderated by Dr. Meg Richman and Nancy Widmann

This movie explores how the media portrays women and the impact this has on how young girls and women see themselves in our culture. By opening our eyes, this movie helps us be more aware of the movies/advertisements/TV shows we watch and help shape the culture of tomorrow to better support women of all ages.

About the Moderators:

Dr. Meg Ricmegrichmanhman is a radiologist in the Body Imaging Division at UCSD, specializing in CT, Ultrasound, and women’s imaging (particularly procedures to assess female fertility and gynecological disorders). Since 1999, she has been Medical Director of Thornton Radiology.

Nancy Widmann is the author of the book “I Didn’t See It Coming: The widmannOnly Book You’ll Ever Need to Avoid Being Blindsided in Business.” Prior to starting her management consulting business, Ms. Widmann had a distinguished career at CBS, Inc. She was the first woman President at CBS, Inc. and managed the CBS Radio Division for eight years. Nancy currently is a business coach. She advises women executives in the corporate world as well as small business owners. In addition, she frequently speaks on surviving corporate politics and issues of interest to women in business.


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