6th Annual UC San Diego Women’s Conference (2014)

Keynote: Our Food, Our Planet, Our Power
Lauray MacElhern, Managing Director of the UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine &
Dr. Gordon Saxe  is the Director of Research

Discover a simple and effective way to reclaim individual health while contributing to the health of Mother Earth and all who rely on her.  In this keynote address, Ms. MacElhern and Dr. Saxe discuss the empowering possibility for an “eat green” movement, in which women have a particularly vital role to play.   Click here for the recorded video of Keynotes presentation.

3 Breakout Sessions Speakers:
Dr. Valita Jones & Conscious Leadership

This workshop focused on assisting individuals within any organization on how to become more aware, responsible and accountable. After attending this session, you should have learned how to influence change, be able to create opportunities for transformation within systems, intentionally lead from a shared perspective and promote an organizational ethos of cooperation and collaboration.  Click here for the recorded video of Dr. Jones’ session.

Dr. Anita Raj & Elimination of Girl Child Marriage – Why and How?

Every year, 14 million girls globally are married prior to the age of 18 years, increasing their risk for domestic violence, reproductive health concerns, and maternal and infant mortality. Girl child marriage is the single most important impediment to maternal and child health that can be eliminated in a single generation. Supporting girls to know what they want and how to achieve it is key to elimination of this practice. Click here for the recorded video of Dr. Raj’s session.

STEMM Panel: Leaning In and Managing Pushback

This panel featured a panel of women leaders in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine). The goals of this panel discussion were to showcase successful women leaders in STEMM, hear about their career trajectories including the choices they have made and the challenges they have encountered, and any tips they might share for how to succeed.  Another goal was to address in practical terms the real-world problem many women in STEMM face when they “lean in” only to find that their actions are often met with increased and heavy resistance.

Panel Participants:  Dr. Margaret Leinen, Vice Chancellor Marine Sciences and Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Dr. Kit Pogliano, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences and Chair of the UCSD Academic Senate; Dr. Bess Marcus, Chair of the Department of Family and Preventative Medicine.  Click here for the recorded video of the STEMM Panel session.


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