Creating Your Vision for Reality: Making Progress Within Me, with Dr. Valita Jones

vjonesCreating Your Vision for Reality: Making Progress Within Me, with Dr. Valita Jones

This workshop is designed to assist you in learning how to affirm yourself and manage your own personal energy. As women, we should reflect the wisdom of the society and the community. Often we find it difficult with all of life’s demands and the constant stimulation we face daily. Creating your own personal vision board can remind you of your purpose and act as a road-map to your desired intentions. Creating a vision board, will assist you in becoming more balanced and ordered for optimal living.

Bio. Dr. Valita Jones
Valita is the Founder and Director of Sister’s Leading Change, Inc. She is part of a collaboration of indigenous women dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and human development. We are a unique performance enhancement and leadership development group that promotes and supports organizational change and transformation.

Dr. Jones holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, an M.A. in Postsecondary Educational Leadership and BA degrees in both Psychology and Africana Studies. Additionally, she holds several certificates in Management and Leadership and Community College Teaching, both from San Diego State University. As an adjunct professor she has taught courses in the following areas: Cultural Competency, Educational Leadership in a Diversity Society, Introduction to Psychology and Cooperative Work Experience. She has three adult children, and two grandsons.


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