Emotional Medicine Rx, with Penelope Andrade


You may have heard the adage, “If you change the way you think you can change the way you feel.” What you might not also know is “If you change the way you feel you can change the way you think!” This workshop focuses on identifying a new way of feeling by bringing moment to moment mindfulness to body experience during emotional experience. The body is typically finished with emotions in 3 minutes or less. Participants will learn how cooperating with brief, embodied emotional experience results in well being, resourcefulness and motivation for adaptive action.  Through an interesting presentation of bodymind research, candid personal experience, as well as experiential processes, participants will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of how and when emotional experience heals as well a roadmap for more skillful managing of depression and anxiety.

Bio:  Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW, author of Emotional Medicine Rx: Cry When You’re Sad, Stop When You’re Done, Feel Good Fast!, is the founder of the San Diego Center for Psychosynthesis. Her “Transformational Talk Radio,” and her popular advice column, “Transformational Talk,” have reached thousands of listeners and readers in southern California. Her work draws on the most powerful elements of both traditional and alternative therapies.  She has been an adjunct professor at San Diego University for Integral Studies, University for Humanistic Studies, and the Natural Healing Institute. She and her husband, Arturo, developed the VIVO Oral Focus™ method for body oriented self-soothing. Penelope lectures professionals and lay audiences throughout the country, inspiring people about benefits of Emotional Medicine.

Penelope’s Blog can be found here.


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