Diane Halfman: Going from Overwhelm to Calm: The Secrets to a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Life

Learn proven organizing strategies so you can kiss unmanageability goodbye and start enjoying more balance in your life

About this Session: Diane teaches overwhelmed women how to have more balance in their life by creating systems and structures.  Through sharing her proven organizing strategies, you will feel a greater sense of ease, comfort, and clarity in all areas of your life.   Experience the many benefits associated with learning how to intentionally create a calm environment in your home or office.  In this presentation you will not only become more productive, you will also gain tools you can implement right away so you can spend less time in your clutter and more time doing the things you love.

_Fav Diane_Halfman-2444About the Speaker: Diane Halfman is an expert in helping people gain clarity and freedom by living in their ultimate personal spaces; physically, mentally and spiritually. She is passionate about connecting and collaborating with others. For more than 23 years, she has moved people from overwhelm to get it done, helping clients achieve a life rich in Happiness, Health and Wealth.

Having been selected to present at numerous retreats and workshops as well as consulting on personal environments, Diane has a passion for helping clients achieve a competitive edge. She has a highly developed ability to coach people in achieving stability in their life, living each day with greater ease and flow. Diane’s integrity is highly regarded. She has a demonstrated expertise and clear approach to taking people from having a distracted and unmanageable life to an outcome of calm and serenity.

Diane’s credentials are impressive. She achieved a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management with emphasis in Structure and Systems. Branching out into different areas of expertise, she became a SpaLife Retreat Specialist and has been an accredited Lifestyle Consultant with Image Therapy International since 2004. Rounding her skill set out, she has been an Ultimate Game of Life certified coach since 2009.

Diane’s Story, in her own words:  Growing up, I had a cousin who would buy lots of clothes, purses and shoes. When her closet got too full and she couldn’t find something, I was the one called on to “fix it”. We would spend a Saturday emptying her whole closet, getting rid of what she no longer used. Many times she couldn’t remember why she bought something in the first place!

It was in this first closet that I began to feel a rhythm, developing a system that revealed to me how a feeling of chaos could be shifted into clarity. I discovered clarity comes from having only those things that are useful and inspiring.

I remember how my mother would have our whole family do “spring cleaning” every six months. This always left a feeling of lightness, cleanliness and a space for newness and possibility.

As I helped other people through the years, I began to realize that physical space is just the beginning. The energy associated with mind, body and spirit also affected my life and the lives of people around me, especially when clutter abounded.

When I began studying the 9 Environments, (first introduced by Thomas Leonard and brought into action by Jim Bunch), I knew I had found a niche to marry my innate sense of order with the free flow of what inspires a “perfect” environment.

It is my passion to guide others to discover how clearing the confusion of clutter builds the foundation to only have what you absolutely love. I am truly grateful that so many people have trusted me to lead them on the path from clutter to calm. What I love about my work is seeing the transformation of my clients as they go from overwhelm, disarray and frustration to a clean, clear lifestyle of peace and order.


“Diane, your organizing contributed greatly to my peace of mind and I finally have some better systems in place. Thank you!” M. Balke, Therapist

“Our friend was raving about your organization skills, and after too many moves I’d like your advice.” T. Casey, Professor

”Diane, You are a true gift to all those you touch with your knowledge. You must work with us again soon to reinforce your original lessons and take us to the next level of organizational freedom. To me that is what you do best—you free us from the constraints of everyday chaos so we can focus on what brings us joy and satisfaction.” L. Eaves, Entrepreneur

“You truly have a gift, and I’m so glad you were available to share that gift with us. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” S. Curtis, Social Worker

“I was too overwhelmed to do it alone. Diane brings purpose and motivation to others and bringing meaning to the lives of family and friends. From our first appointment Diane wasted no time and began the process of decluttering my home. She came with positive energy which is exactly what I needed. It was amazing how quickly I began to feel less stress about my upcoming move, all because Diane helped me change my perspective by listening to what was important to keep and giving me choices in the decisions about what to let go of. Diane gave a gentle nudge when needed and was so respectful in honoring what I wanted to hold onto.”       –Maggie Tilger, RN Sharp Hospital


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