Dawn R. Oree: Life Strategies For Abundance

dawnLife Strategies For Abundance – Shifting and Shaping Your Abundant Future

About this Session: Dawn Oree she walks you through employing time-tested strategies that bring higher levels of Abundance to your life.  You will become intentional, aware, focused, open, and available to receive higher levels of  love, higher joy, higher peace, higher wealth!  Life Strategies For Abundance will help you formulate a game plan to shift your abundance NOW.  

About this Speaker: Dawn R. Oree (Coach Dawnee)
Like you, powerful life instructor, speaker, coach and author Dawn Oree has felt the groans a life without living inside of your purpose can evoke. We all silently ask ourselves the same questions. How can I make things better? How can I reach the dreams I see for myself? Is the future I see in my mind really possible for me? Where do I start?

With years of experience as an entrepreneur, teacher, artist and guide to friends and strangers through their avenues of life, she has learned how to create space for the conversation for life transformation to occur. She’s learned the questions to ask to break free from the status quo. Dawn’s philosophy of ‘living life fully and loving it immensely is the birthright of every human being on the planet’ has helped her to walk students into the lives they love.

Dawn’s philosophy for drilling deep into the wells of her student’s possibility has, at times, made her be referred to as the “Deep Dive Teacher”. She provokes people to change from the deepest parts of themselves, shifting core mindsets and eliminating counter-productive thought patterns. Dawn’s integration of stories, facts and wisdom allow her to set the tone for conversations that connect with her audience intimately.

A gifted Singer, Dancer and Interior Designer, Dawn has a BFA from Wayne State University. Her career includes nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial experience during which time she has consulted both for-profit and non-profit companies. She’s consulted in many arenas; Administrative Consulting, Interior Design, Dance, Finance, Job Readiness and Real Estate industries. Dawn keeps her spiritual grounding by being involved in ministry worship leader, worship dancer and volunteer instructor.

When asked why she became a speaker and coach, Dawn said, “Wow! Why did I start doing this? I did it because I wanted to use my gifts to make a difference in the world around me. It’s my reasonable service to God and humanity.” Lead by what she calls a ‘divine hunger’, Dawn developed the ‘Living A Powerful Life Course’ to teach people how to not only connect with their divine purpose, but to also create the steps to live it. She first taught the course as a guest instructor/presenter to the participants of Life After Birth, a Welfare To Work program in Detroit, Michigan. She recently launched the program in California through The Rock Church’s life application ministry called ‘Rock U’. She also does deep diving coaching sessions using the principles of the course – and works strategically with clients to create clarity and process for their own path. “It’s my labor of love to be the change agent in the lives of those around me – to help them find their path and live it.”


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