Conscious Leadership w/ Dr. Valita Jones

This workshop focuses on assisting individuals within any organization on how to become more aware, responsible and accountable. After attending this session, you  will be able to learn how to influence change, be able to create opportunities for transformation within systems, intentionally lead from a shared perspective and promote an organizational ethos of cooperation and collaboration.

About the Speaker:

Valita's picTrained and experienced working within diverse and demanding environments including educational, administrative, and community, Dr.  Valita Jones holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, an M.A. in Postsecondary Educational Leadership and BA degrees in both Psychology and Africana Studies. Additionally, she holds several certificates in Management and Leadership and Community College Teaching, both from San Diego State University. And a certificate from the University of Oklahoma, College of Continuing Education, Institute on Crisis of Young Black Males. As the developer of the Conscious Leadership framework, Dr. Jones created a new leadership model and conceptual framework that was grounded in being purposeful and intentional, incorporates the sociocultural knowledge of reciprocity, allows for shared accountability and responsibility and is highly functional within organizations, which are networked and interconnected. Dr. Jones has an extensive background in qualitative research, leadership development, student affairs and human development challenges. As an educational systems thinker, she regards herself as highly knowledgeable about the functionality of higher education systems and organizations. As an adjunct professor she has taught courses in the following areas: Cultural Competency, Educational Leadership in a Diversity Society, Introduction to Psychology and Cooperative Work Experience. Dr. Jones works as the Program Manager for STEM Education Initiative at UCSD’s Center for Investigation of Health and Education Disparities (CIHED). She has three adult children and two grandsons.

Conscious Leadership Dissertation
Consciousness Quotient
Program Manager, STEM Education Initiatives
University of California, San Diego
Center for Investigations of Health and Education Disparities (CiHED)
Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD)


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