Registration is NOW OPEN!!!


REGISTER TODAY for the 6th Annual UC San Diego Women’s Conference!!!
This event is FREE, but space is limited!!!

Click on the link the Eventbrite logo below to be taken to the registration page!Eventbrite-logo.gif(Password is: women2014)


About ucsdwomensconference

The UC San Diego Women's Conference is free and open to all UC San Diego faculty, staff and students. The conference brings together business professionals, healthcare providers, scientists and award-winning faculty to share ideas on motivating today’s working woman, offering tips on empowering one’s self, budgeting and finances, and staying fit, healthy and well-balanced.
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6 Responses to Registration is NOW OPEN!!!

  1. I as a senior woman Alum) I would like to see an option for the conference schedule to be in black and wihite because I have to enlarge the info to see the font text on the darker colors you have chosen. If I need to print this I would need a much large paper size than 8.5 x 11.

  2. Hi Sharon,. I am working on obtaining the schedule in Excel. Once I have this, I will convert to B&W for you and upload it to the site. Also, if you have a smart phone or tablet, you should download this year’s mobile app: Whova. Here, you will be able to enlarge the screen to the size you need. More information was sent to you this past week on this app in an email if you registered on Eventbrite for the conference.

  3. Hi Sharon, the black and white version has been uploaded to the website. Please click on the image to be directed to a viewable and printable PDF of the schedule. Please note, the image itself in the post is not clear, but the PDF is. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the event tomorrow!

  4. sharon beckas says:

    Thank you for making it black and white. The text is fuzzy also but readable-when enlarged. Standard text clarity is much better but perhaps it is because of PDF conversion that it is fuzzy?

  5. It is the PDF conversion to JPEG, but if you click on the image, this will open up the PDF – which is crystal clear.

  6. I can also email it to you if the link is not working. It worked for me on my computer.

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